Rental scooters and motorcycles

Wide range of scooters 110 cc to 155 cc new or very recent, modern or retro look filled engine single cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid cooled, injection and some stop & start system. They are soft, pleasant solo & duo use, handy in town, light, reliable and efficient fuel consumption.
All our scooters have 2 helmets. Our prices are reduced according to the duration of your rental. Promotion from June to November, contact us.


The scooter is the typical means of transport in Thailand. This page also provides a list of scooter brands available from which you can choose.

Why scooters?

The scooter rental is a very simple way to get around Thailand. For scooter rental pattaya, trends go for the Honda rental. This is also one of the company's brand offers you will discover below. The power of these machines is impressive and it easily allows visitors to travel through cities. There is rarely failure and accidents are almost non-existent with the mobility scooter rental. In addition, the scooter makes it easy to drive in places with narrow roads such as the Thai markets. And speed is such that you will spend less time on your journey and can enjoy the scenery in a short time and arrive at your destination quickly.

Units rented by the company

In scooter rental pattaya, several machine models are available to guests. The most popular, especially for driving in pairs, are the Honda PCX 125 CC and Honda PCX 150 CC, Otherwise, there are also three Yamaha models, the Yamaha Grand Filano 125 CC, the Yamaha N MAX 155 CC and finally the Yamaha T MAX 530 CC, which is very large and very powerful and consequently very heavy. Otherwise, for those who want something lighter, the Honda Click 125 CC which is of course very powerful but easier to drive. And the favorite for female visitors is the "Scoopy" model. The Honda scoopy 110 CC is a very feminine scooter, colorful and flashy but very contemporary. With the help of scooter rentals, your visit will be wonderful.