Security and Inssurance

The scooter is almost indispensable in Pattaya, it gives you independence and freedom. You can discover the city & its surroundings in peace as long as you use common sense and follow certain rules. The driver must be at least 18 and experienced in driving a 2-wheeled vehiclel.

  • Security

    Safety is a very important issue, especially concerning the conduct of 2-wheeled vehicles in a country where driving habits can sometimes surprise: LHD, priority to larger vehicles, sometimes apocalyptic weather, third party conduct on the road, etc ...
    In Thailland, helmets, like insurance, are mandatory. Driving while intoxicated is severely punished, especially in the case of an accident. Local police regularly organize checkpoints for insurance, helmet and alcohol. If you are intoxicated, do not hesitate to use a motorbike taxi.
    The customer is responsible for any damage to the bike, however small, including marks or scratches. Any such damage must reported to Scooter Rental Pattaya immediately upon delivery of the vehicle.

  • About the safety of our vehicles

    Scooter Rental Pattaya pays particular attention to the maintenance of our Scooters. They are maintained by a professional team. We strive to provide our customers’ scooters in perfect working order and easy to use.
    We provide for each scooter two jet helmets that fit easily under the seat.

    • The first in thailand

      All our scooters are equipped with a GPS tracker which is a great advantage in case of loss or forgetting where you have parked. The GPS allows customers to find the scooter for which they are fully responsible during the rental period.

  • Insurrance

    The customer is responsible for the scooter that is rented. Although rarely reported by rental owners, be aware that in Thailand, rental scooters are not insured against theft. So take care of your scooter because in case of theft, or in case of and accident in which you are at fault , the cost of replacing or repairing the scooter will be your responsibility.

  • However

    Each scooter is initially provided with the LO PO BO (minimum government insurance) which is the legal minimum insurance requirement for driving in Thailand.

    We offer an optional insurance Third (accessible to licensees * motorcycle) a top cover.
    Virayah : Deaths, injuries, care beyond the coverage provided by Po Lo Bo 300 000 thb
    Property damage: 200 000 thb
    Bail bond: 200 000 thb
    * If you do not have an international license, it is easy to obtain from your local authorities.