Scooter Rental Pattaya: A service relationship, solid and transparent

Open 7/7 9am to 11:30pm We speak English, French and Thai.

Tips on choosing the scooter for rent according to your tastes, your template & conditions.
Explanations and setting hands of your scooter.
Advice on things to do and discover Pattaya and the surrounding area.
It provides you a Pattaya map to find your way.

    • Free delivery

      We offer conditionally *, delivery and recovery of your scooter directly to your hotel at no extra charge.
      * Refund of your trip to come get your scooter
      In case of breakdown, we replace your scooter immediately
      Line SEO, Facebook, Email, Watts up, etc ... To alert you in real time about our promotions and those of our partners.
      Ability to create an individual rental agreement * "long life" for your specific needs
      For your extended stays, we can put you in direct contact with renowned professionals who speak your language and can help you in some areas & many helpful steps for your installation: visas, insurance, driving license, etc ...

      Long term rental

      Upgrade according to period for loyal customers. For long-term rental: change your model of scooter according to your desires (under conditions). For rental + 18 months possibility of replacement with a new scooter with a change of model if necessary.

      * For more information, contact us.