Rental Conditions

No rental may be made to people under 18 years. For rentals, a deposit will be requested and refunded upon return of the scooter. Payments are made in cash.

  • Documents required for renting a scooter:

    a) Passport with arrival card for tourists, home address & contact phone number Thaillande.
    b) ID card or Thai allowed for residents, home address & contact phone number Thaillande.
    c) Deposit 1000 baht for a 155 cc scooter. Special conditions above 155 cc.

  • Booking:

    Rentals may be booked either by telephone or by email at the following address: A confirmation will be sent.

  • Rental agreement :

    A lease for the vehicle is drafted and signed by the client.

  • State Vehicle & Transparency:

    The condition of the vehicle is systematically checked with our clients at the start of the vehicle’s rental and on its return. To ensure greater transparency for our customers, our customers have the right to take pictures of the rented vehicle to ensure trust between Scooter Rental Pattaya and our customers.

All our scooters are carefully maintained by professionals.